January 31, 2012

Susan G. Komen foundation has decided to cut funding to Planned Parenthood – having been influenced by political right-wing moolah.  Screw them.  Don’t give them a penny and let them know.  I encourage you to unsubscribe their emails and post to your Facebook or social network site and email them also to tell them that they have done the unconscionable thing…bowed to political pressure about what a woman chooses to do with her very own body.   The very definition of wrong. 

Here’s what I have written with email addresses below also.  Should you have another Komen email address, share here.  I ENCOURAGE EVERY WOMAN AND EVERY MAN TO SHARE AND LIKE THIS POST AND WRITE YOUR OWN EMAIL TO THEM. 

I will no longer give donations to this organization which has been influenced by right-wing anti-choice anti-woman’s rights politicians. I cannot believe you got it so very wrong. This used to be an amazing foundation but big money has obviously attracted big influence and not the right kind.

I am taking you off of my mailing list and encouraging any person with a dime to donate to breast cancer research to give it to another organization. It is horrible that this organization can betray women so terribly and judge them for making choices that are theirs alone to make. Planned Parenthood respects those choices. What’s next? Will Komen only research mastectomies or only research whatever is in the interest of the biggest check donation they get? It’s an abomination that this organization has chosen such a slimey path. You will never get another penny of my money and, I hope, no one else’s either. 

er – Breast Cancer survivor –;;;;;;;


you should be FURIOUS too

November 17, 2009

livid.  beside myself.  the new mammogram ‘guidelines’ recommendation is an abomination and must have been lobbied solely by the insurance companies…because that’s about who it benefits.  i’m posting a link but i could have written the same post – i would have been dead by now also without proper screening.  to add the most base insult to injury, the ‘guidelines’ tell women to stop doing self-exams.  who the fuck is on that committee?  wealthy men who own a lot of insurance company stock?  i rarely wish people ill but this mean-spirited change makes me wish that they ‘learn’ what it means to to be misdirected about monitoring their own health issues.  really, they should rot.  while i’m still fuming, this blog post below speaks eloquently to the subject.  you should be furious too.—-the_b_360538.html

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