February 3, 2012

ALRIGHT THEN….i have rarely felt so fired up as i have the moment i heard that the susan g. komen breast cancer charity had made some politically-motivated back-room board deal/manipulation to pull funding from planned parenthood.  and then listened to them spin spin spin during the vertigo-inspiring fall-out.  but most people, it turns out, have an understanding about compassion and fairness and what it might mean to be a poor woman with no means to have a mammogram or treatment for any diagnosis…both of which are constantly supplied by planned parenthood.  now – realizing that they were on the verge of destruction as any kind of charity with the power to garner contributions – they have reversed their decision and will continue funding planned parenthood.  i sometimes curse social media but right now i bow down to the power of facebook, wordpress, blogs in general and twitter.  people wouldn’t put up with the headline and social media allowed them to say what they felt – that they were offended in the most immediate way. 

sadly, during all of this i learned more than a few things about komen which make me remain queasy about the organization.  first of all – that right-wing witch – karen handel – has to leave.  immediately.  second, i learned that komen is like many uber-large charities – they start feeding off themselves and need to give more to research and less to glittery parties and such.  some of their corporate partnerships are exceptionally suspect – can you cure cancer and take money from a company whose product probably contributes to cancer at the same time??  and nancy brinker should have someone counsel her that when she is talking to the general public about how komen administers to every woman – she might look a little less uptight upper east side exceptionally rich – it rings pretty false over video. 


i’ll probably send my donation dollars to SHARE and DR. SUSAN LOVE ARMY OF WOMEN – SHARE does amazing reach-out to women diagnosed with breast and ovarian cancer (they were so kind to me – and it made a difference) and ARMY OF WOMEN – has been funded by Avon (‘meh’ as my teenager would say) but they are commited to research and finding a cure. 

SHARE:  http://www.sharecancersupport.org/ 

DR. SUSAN LOVE’S ARMY OF WOMEN:  http://www.armyofwomen.org/ 

i don’t need to be branded pink – i just need integrity and commitment.  and a cure for breast cancer. 


ditch the pink

October 11, 2010

i love the health and wellness column in the nytimes.  here’s a great article about the marketing of breast cancer awareness month and the backlash to the pink brigade.   http://well.blogs.nytimes.com/2010/10/11/pink-ribbon-fatigue/  i wholeheartedly agree.  it’s all a little huggy-smuggy-kumbaya-ish and i have never actually liked anything pink.  i’m a new yorker through and through…all things better in black and some very fine merino flannel grey.  pink is smarmy.  smurflike. 

but above that, while i like the idea of having resources for breast cancer survivors and people going through cancer treatments, i’d like to see a little less ‘rah rah let’s all hug each other – and to do that we’ll create some big multi-armed creature that keeps begging for money to throw more pink parties for your self-esteem and needs more money to keep the creature fed’  and a lot more money going to research and getting information out to women and men about preventing cancer – breast or otherwise.  see my post just below this about dr. susan love’s army of women.   once again, i repeat:  be part of the solution.  join up.   and wear black.

Dr. Love wants YOU!

September 29, 2010

on the cusp of october – now designated as ‘breast cancer awareness month’ (oh oh oh oh oh … that i was clever enough to be diagnosed not just in breast cancer awareness month but in my birthday month also) i want to make every woman aware of dr. susan love’s ‘army of women.’  there are a few really great organizations out there – SHARE and the Susan G. Komen foundation are my favorites – both in tone and action.  but the ‘army of women’ is different.  all women can participate and the healthy, the just-diagnosed and the survivors can all find different studies to participate in where the larger group will help doctors to understand the specific parts.  PLEASE take a moment and sign up.  it is just another email in your in-box…compromise and hit ‘unsubscribe’ to your filene”s  weekly flyer email and you’ll balance yourself out.   and it will feel so good to be actively part of the solution.   

 here’s the link:  


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