About BeanyGetsABlog and the bean behind it


i’ve had a few careers – most notably as a professional singer but also as an orff-certified music together teacher, immigration paralegal, waitress; legal proofer and these days as a real estate broker (oh joy!  selling real estate in a recession!!!!).  one husband, one wonderful female 15 year old, one cat (one cat left…many over the years), one little house in brooklyn, new york, one bout of breast cancer when i turned 47, world traveler, lover of all good hotels and the people who run them, foodie of all things slow and braised.  no idea where this blog will take me.  is it about braised lamb shanks or the cancer that robbed me of a few years?  not a clue.  thanks for reading.


10 Responses to About BeanyGetsABlog and the bean behind it

  1. I just “met” you on the Droid Forum in my post for Palm owners… saw you had a blog… read your blog… and now I understand your opening line in the Forum: “here i am.” You’re a real warrior – I certainly rejoice with you on your 4th anniversary.

    I hope your move to the Droid is exciting and fun… that GPS will be a good travelling companion! 🙂



  2. JBBC says:

    Hi Beany! I just discoverd your blog and am honored to be included on your blogroll. Just wanted to say hi and wish you all the best for the coming year. Marie

  3. Maria says:

    I just found your blog through the New York Times and I really love it. I am new to blogging and using it as a way to share the family stories that I’ve been telling for years. You can find my blog at http://www.talesfromahungrylife.wordpress.com. I hope you enjoy it. Best of luck, health and happiness to you, and thanks for writing.

  4. Nil says:

    I just “met” you on the Droid Forum in my post for Palm owners… saw you had a blog… read your blog… and now I understand your opening line in the Forum: “here i am.” You’re a real warrior – I certainly rejoice with you on your 4th anniversary.

  5. rebeany says:

    Nil: you’re 1 year out? good. soon it will be 2. thanks for coming and reading. i’m trying just to write…kvetch a little and exorcise some of the lingering ghosts. beany

  6. Hello,

    I came across your blog on the Share website. I have really enjoyed reading it and all of your stories.

    My name is Sarah Eisenmenger and I am a photography major at Parsons, The New School for Design. I am working on a photography portfolio about the strength and power of women. I am focusing on women who are fighting or have fought breast cancer. I was hoping to talk to you more about your story and see if you would consider modeling.

    Please contact me for more information. I can send you a project proposal as well as some images of other women I have already shot.

    Keep up the great work!

    Thanks so much!

  7. Hi there! We are neighbors. You have commented on my blog and now I have found yours — excellent! I look forward to reading further and I wanted to let you know about another blog by a Texas friend who did the breast-cancer thing. http://missydiggs.com/ She is thoughtful and kind and you may enjoy it. Meredith

  8. Liliana says:

    Hi Beany,
    you made a comment of my blog, so I came to visit. I love your description of yourself – you sound like an interesting person.

    You mention slow food and lamb shanks – we have more than breast cancer in common.

    I am roasting lamb with rosemary tonight for a number of my girlfriends. I have gotten my American friends (I am originally from Yugoslavia) to start celebrating International Women’s Day (March 8th) so tonight we are having a decadent potluck.

    Stay in touch,

    • rebeany says:

      liliana: how i wish i could join you for that lamb! enjoy your potluck with your friends. thanks for visiting my blog. we’ll cross-pollinate!

  9. Kathy says:

    Hi Beany,

    I was diagnosed w/Stage 2 breast cancer at age 47, too. I’ll be five years out next month. Love your post about self soothing the chemo fog, menopause, post-cancer trauma, middle age we carry. My self-soother is computer solitaire. I play while my computer warms up. I relocated from NYC to Virginia just before my diagnosis. Thanks for the great work. Looking forward to growing in health with you. Kathy

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