the do great campaign

or…as i tell people i talk to:  be a warrior.  one of my earliest posts about what to do when you hear that someone has cancer was written by me while i was trying to put together pieces of a life shaken completely apart by cancer.   i am very proud of that post – because it rings true years later.   

“What Can You Do” :

a month of so ago, i was asked to give my time to be part of a PSA (public service announcement).  i was actually wary.  i am no pollyanna.  i like and believe in caustic behavior and just cringe at all the gooeyness that is preached about cancer survivors and going through cancer  but, i have to admit, in a few minutes i realized i was surrounded by grounded smart and funny souls who had gone through their own journey and weren’t drowning in pink or buttery over-sweetened sentiment.  this was support on a level i could really get behind.  so here it is.  i tell people who are going through cancer diagnosis or treatment – be a warrior.  don’t look left; don’t look right.  be strong and let the people around you support you.  this PSA speaks to those people around you – are you one of those people?  encourage someone to do great.  inspire. 

The Do Great Campaign 

also:  (and i’ve never had a chance to use this now oh-so-used phrase): you can LIKE it on FBook!


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