Susan G. Komen foundation has decided to cut funding to Planned Parenthood – having been influenced by political right-wing moolah.  Screw them.  Don’t give them a penny and let them know.  I encourage you to unsubscribe their emails and post to your Facebook or social network site and email them also to tell them that they have done the unconscionable thing…bowed to political pressure about what a woman chooses to do with her very own body.   The very definition of wrong. 

Here’s what I have written with email addresses below also.  Should you have another Komen email address, share here.  I ENCOURAGE EVERY WOMAN AND EVERY MAN TO SHARE AND LIKE THIS POST AND WRITE YOUR OWN EMAIL TO THEM. 

I will no longer give donations to this organization which has been influenced by right-wing anti-choice anti-woman’s rights politicians. I cannot believe you got it so very wrong. This used to be an amazing foundation but big money has obviously attracted big influence and not the right kind.

I am taking you off of my mailing list and encouraging any person with a dime to donate to breast cancer research to give it to another organization. It is horrible that this organization can betray women so terribly and judge them for making choices that are theirs alone to make. Planned Parenthood respects those choices. What’s next? Will Komen only research mastectomies or only research whatever is in the interest of the biggest check donation they get? It’s an abomination that this organization has chosen such a slimey path. You will never get another penny of my money and, I hope, no one else’s either. 

er – Breast Cancer survivor –;;;;;;;



  1. Nancy Cross says:

    I, too, am appalled by SJK’s plan to stop funding for over 170,000 mammograms for uninsured women because of pressure from the right wing. I have sponsored walkers in the past, but will no longer do so. Shame on them for abandoning these women! My money will go to planned parenthood who cares for all women.

  2. Cynthia says:

    Agreed. Will pass it forward

  3. Cathy Klug says:

    Pink is no longer the color that inspires me to contribute to a great cause. Not any more.

    Under investigation!!!?!!! What does that really mean?

  4. Rose Anawall says:

    Plan Parenthood is an important to help educate women, especially underprivileged women, in birth control. It is important to our society.

  5. Juan says:

    If these “Pro Life” people are really pro life, why don’t they offer free or low cost cancer screening for women? This is just another example of their hypocrisy!

  6. Sarah says:

    It means their new vice president is pro-life. End of story. No change for P.P..
    I just gave my pink tennis balls to the dog. They should filthy & muddy by the end of the day.

  7. Sherri Kelley says:

    Fight political interference in women’s health.

    Must have 10 supporters for badge to be public

  8. Pam Pulver says:

    Susan Komen is already suspect, most of the public and private funding they get goes to Big Pharma and lab animal cruelty, not women’s health. Their right wing decision to withdraw support for Planned Parenthood nails it – More fraud and greed.

  9. Ruth says:

    I am reminded of Ebenezer Scrooge’s famous line in A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens:”Well then let them die and decrease the surplus population!” This is about the worst kind of class/race/economic discrimination. No more of my support will go to this organization and I will double my efforts towards PP.

  10. dog crates small…


  11. Carole T. says:

    I have lost a sister and a good friend to breast cancer and have been an annual donor to SGK through my workplace giving program. I am so disappointed with their decision to stop funding Planned Parenthood for mammograms, of all things. I have asked my United Way to cancel my pledge to SGK.

    I put my money towards entities that put women’s health above petty politics.

  12. Rodney Musselman says:

    I too vow to never give another dime, nor ever sponsor another walker, for SGK.

  13. TheChristianVegan…


  14. So, dont give money to a cause you swear up and down is a great group because another group wants it to stand on its own two feet. but you’re upset because you want it to continue to be subsidized with our tax dollars even though the large 6 figure salaries made by the boards of directors of each organization proves that it can stand on its own not to mention the billions in assets? you do this in the name of cancer survivors but still want to boycott the same organization that saved their lives?

    Im a man, whose mother, wife and mother in law and many close women friends who some survived some didnt from Breast Cancer and Endometrial Cancer.
    Not a ONE of those proud women leaned upon the churches of idiocy you follow just because of political rhetoric about right vs left. They were fighting for their lives and the lives of their friends and family. Full of joy and life up until the end of treatments or the end of their lives.
    Be damned political crap that is not even there. You should be ashamed for being such easy tools of a political party and i dont believe any of you are survivors of anything other than fibroid from drinking to much caffeine in your Starbucks lattes.

    • rebeany says:

      to middletownrush – in all the years i’ve been writing this blog, i’ve never had such a mean-spirited comment put on it as this. that you don’t agree with me about why i advocate boycotting susan g. komen as an organization is one thing; that you would be so vile as to accuse me of not being a breast cancer survivor (tho i am chuckling about your swift association with the ability to purchase starbucks products with liars and miscreants) is pretty low.
      if you’d take a minute to read this blog you’d find out that i am a 6.5 year survivor of a mean and nasty bout of breast cancer – and that i endured all that could be thrown at me: surgery, chemo (2 of them – neither of which i would wish on my worst enemy) and 7 weeks of radiation and then years of pulling myself out of a deep physical and emotional hole while trying to hold up my end of life as a citizen, parent and wife.
      i stand by what i said. susan g. komen pulled a big fast giant pink hood over our eyes. they, not myself, caved into political pressure to pull the funding of planned parenthood – such care and funding of a cure and support for cancer patients should be free of political rhetoric. if you don’t want to give to planned parenthood…of course, that’s your right. the big surprise to so many women and men who blindly supported sbk was that they found out (as i did) that the smallest part of their budget was being given to actual breast cancer research and the largest part of their budget was to help them preserve their brand. wrong way around for me. and wrong way around for all those women who left with their eyes much more wide open. i do not believe in blindly following a group – and sgk really drove that point home.
      i think if anyone is being a tool of a political party, it is you.
      put your energy into an organization that really will work toward a cure. for me, that is dr. susan love’s army of women. she has proven that she is first and foremost interested in working toward a cure for these awful diseases.

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