spring forward

a marker post.  just like i feel that the last few weeks have been marker weeks.  marking the days until there was true spring in the air.  brooklyn has slogged through so much winter and then cold early-spring that it felt that it would never ever come.  but now, daffodils are peaking out and our flowering cherry looks like it will finally burst … and with each pink and white burst my sad lumpy sodden spirits will rise to the promise of spring.  and i said i didn’t like pink.  pink for cancer…not so much.  pink for the promise of spring?   turns out, context is everything!



3 Responses to spring forward

  1. kath says:

    How I agree! Context definitely gives meaning to-and an ability to appreciate-everything! The blossoms are true harbingers of life in all its beauty!

  2. kath says:

    I know what you mean about hating what pink typically represents . . . Girly things, cancer awareness . . . Symbols sort of shoved upon us w/o our agreement or permission! But on the flip side, here are some variations on hues of “pinks” that make my heart soar: plum, watermelon, wine, magnolias,flamingos, sunsets, raspberry sorbet, blackberry ice cream, my puppy Tess’ sweet shell pink ears (!). All happy, joyous, celebratory variations of pink!

  3. Barbara says:

    While much farther away from the experience (diagnosed in June, 1989, age 34), I am so in agreement with your post. That said, I love the photo and will try to remember that image when even the Lean Cuisine and Yoplait packages blare pink every October. I always say I had cancer before it was in vogue, but anyone who has survived does not relish the constant reminders.

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