wishing forward past the what if’s

popping in briefly to wish all a happy and healthy new decade ahead.  trying to get back into the routine of early (for me) risings with more purposeful doing and less puddling about.  i really feel that the last few months were this wonderful rolling party at our house …with friends and family coming together numerous times for tons and tons of food – all happily cooked in the renovated kitchen – no fights and no food disasters! success.

as always at this time of year, we have to make decisions regarding our health insurance.  each policy has gone up again (what else) and it’s a maddening labyrinth trying to work out the details about what if the worst happens …i don’t like revisiting what if but need to put my head together with my wonderful husband’s thoughts — and since he’s doing 90% of the work figuring it all out, i feel that i cannot indulge myself too much and need to step up to the responsibility plate.   i wish i were planning some fabulous trip.  maybe that’s the ‘what if’ i’ll focus on!


One Response to wishing forward past the what if’s

  1. janet says:

    for early rising and more purposeful doing, something to strive for

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