big grocery lists

November 15, 2010

if a bit absent on this blog lately, we’re entering a period of almost non-stop visitors.  i’m not complaining.  i am trying to embrace the 5 years of insanity behind me (while still staying on top of regular checks) and start to use and meld with our almost-completed kitchen.  i guess no one ever thought we’d actually redo our kitchen and they are all coming to witness what must be a modern miracle!  it’s an interesting mix as we get used to what is where in the cabinets … every day something gets moved from one side to the other in an attempt to make our every day tasks feel well-placed.  seems silly to schlepp the cut bread across the room to the toaster…why not move the toaster to where we always cut bread?!  duh. 

sleeping arrangements in our little brooklyn house are a little harder…guests have to be ok with airbeds and the possibility that at least one of them will be on the airbed in the front of the living room.  the kitchen got bigger.  the available sleeping areas did not.  our visiting vancouverites – 2 adults and 2 kids – are enjoying their nyc visit and it was almost a practice run for my parents and a camp bunkie at thanksgiving (tho we’ll be 9 at dinner at our house) and then my brother-in-law and family at …. it’s neither christmas nor hanukah for us…ummm….winter dec. break!  in between we’re hosting a visiting student from winnipeg for 3 days while teenage daughter and this girl are attending and participating in the u.n. international conference on children’s rights in early december followed by a weekend with a visit by my husband’s aunt and her partner.  BUSY!!!!  am turning into the super-queen-of-lists and costco and fairway will be happy to see me coming this season. 


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