hello 53


i am 53 years old today.   that number seems inconceivable to me.  i still have the same goofy smile i had when i was 5.  honestly.  my husband says that when i smile, it’s not the sophisticated smile of a venerable adult but that i look like a kindergartener who was just told that cupcakes are being served for lunch!  i am the older mother of a semi-young child – ok, teenager.  i proudly announce my age on a yearly basis since almost-5 years ago, i didn’t think i’d be here to announce anything.  i have intentions of moving on in my aging but feeling that i can still change as i age.  and by change i mean for the better!  birthdays are funny things…and by funny i mean odd.  unless you tell people it’s your birthday, you don’t get a lot of feedback on it.  but i woke up this year on this day and felt very satisfied to be here and to keep working on my life.  now if i can just work on the trips i have in mind to greece, london and the isle of skye …well, that would be a change wouldn’t it? !  happy 53 to me.  hope you’re having a good day too.


3 Responses to hello 53

  1. Happy Birthday, fellow 53-year-old Flatbushette and blogger!

  2. Kath says:

    What a FANTASTIC DAY to celebrate! HAPPY BIRTHDAY as you deservedly grab the wonders of living life well into your heart and mind. You are the best!

  3. Happy birthday to you, and hopes for many, many more! I agree that aging is odd. Same smile. Same heart on the inside. But so many other changes…

    I’m looking forward to catching up on your blog. I called my son “bean” in utero so the nickname has a lot of resonance for me.

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