ditch the pink

i love the health and wellness column in the nytimes.  here’s a great article about the marketing of breast cancer awareness month and the backlash to the pink brigade.   http://well.blogs.nytimes.com/2010/10/11/pink-ribbon-fatigue/  i wholeheartedly agree.  it’s all a little huggy-smuggy-kumbaya-ish and i have never actually liked anything pink.  i’m a new yorker through and through…all things better in black and some very fine merino flannel grey.  pink is smarmy.  smurflike. 

but above that, while i like the idea of having resources for breast cancer survivors and people going through cancer treatments, i’d like to see a little less ‘rah rah let’s all hug each other – and to do that we’ll create some big multi-armed creature that keeps begging for money to throw more pink parties for your self-esteem and needs more money to keep the creature fed’  and a lot more money going to research and getting information out to women and men about preventing cancer – breast or otherwise.  see my post just below this about dr. susan love’s army of women.   once again, i repeat:  be part of the solution.  join up.   and wear black.


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