super spammy


it’s pretty interesting to see which posts get super-spammed and which are ignored.  i guess it’s all in the search terms.  as a breast cancer survivor, you can only imagine how many unsavory spam posts i get – seems searching ‘breasts’ ‘big breasts’  and even ‘giant breasts’ all find posts like this one:  and my spam trapper (thank you WordPress) has links to russian mail-order bride sites or invest-now.  i keep getting links to ‘free books’ but think that it must be a site that takes you to other more nefarious offerings.  my latest post on 9/11 got me a whole basket of spams  and, of course, a post about a journalist’s view of giving up sex rang the bell for super-spam including multiple hits from just about anyone out there desperate for silly attention. 

what’s your oddest spammy moment?


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