the end of an odd – but not bad – summer


i know…it’s not officially the end of summer but with school fast approaching on wednesday for my now-10th grader, it essentially is.  and for lovely husband and myself it was an odd summer.  one short trip to visit our daughter at camp and then the aforementioned ‘trip’ which was essentially a holding-pattern overnight to the canceled family reunion.  but with the kitchen reno hubby and i went into full-attention mode for most of it.  i have never made so many decisions in so short a time – one right after the other.  some of them have been dizzyingly wonderful and others are awaiting a verdict.  it seems that renovations – especially gut renovations – are the quintessential hurry-up-and-wait project.  a flurry of activity for 4 days and then nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing, order-appliances, nothing, nothing, and then more in one day than anyone thought possible.  the good part – at the moment – about the quiet spaces is that we have been able to walk around with the floor, windows and cabinets in place and get used to it.  it is starting to feel like it’s ours now…even though it’s nowhere near ready –  no countertops nor appliances.  and over the summer, i get to take a break from the scheduled doctors’ visits – don’t get me wrong, i appreciate them watching out for me – and the steady stream of needle pricks coming my way  for oncology labs, annual labs, and the end of the year mri.   i cannot wait to have my basement back and, with it, my elliptical.  i’ve gained 5 pounds with this reno – eating out is hard on my waistline.   i let myself mostly not work at work and had time to reclaim – or refind – a friendship that i thought was lost a few years back – and now is so happily back with enthusiasm on both our parts.  that has made me the happiest, i think.  more than the cabinets or even the amazing wood floor 😉 

10th grader is sad to see summer behind her…she just rocked her summer hard and was nestled in with a group of amazing people who liked and respected her.  she blossomed.  i hope she finds her social niche at school this year.  

and, as always – being a true fall baby – i cannot wait for the first day i can wear my deep flannel grey cashmere cardigan sweater.  ( i just realized, i’ll match the countertops.)


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