can you feel it now?

back from a much-needed vacation – an emotional break from new york and life here – and trying to get back into some exercising regime.  (it turns out it’s possible to walk 6-7 miles a day and still come back from vacation having gained 5 lbs.)   it’s always a battle in my head where i say no-no-no but keep putting my sneakers on and then just make the step onto my elliptical.   i used to teach ‘music together’ – it’s an orff and kodai approach to teaching a music class for very young children and toddlers.  basically, a kinesthetic approach to music – which is a fancy term that essentially means that you process the music through your body.

i have been tangling with the song ‘hallelujiah’ for about 2+ months now.  in a previous post  – – i wrote about this version that was performed on the ‘benefit haiti’ concert and since that time, have listened to a number of versions of it.  the timberlake version sounds like a haunting prayer to me.  The kd lang version something much more carnal.   i haven’t been able, however, to wrap my own arms around it and integrate it.  i often sing out loud to whatever is on my ipod while i’m walking or running.   but this song didn’t find a place in my voice..i wondered if the sheer fact that i am not religious nor steeped in any tradition of ‘hallelujah’ was making for a poor fit.  then, today, i changed the walking.  i took the pedal resistance up a good amount and used the arm pulls and suddenly, my body was working and pushing slowly and purposefully through the words and the song and … i sort of got it.  i had to make my body understand the base feeling.  it needed resistence and slow effort and then it started making sense.


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