the promise of spring


no lengthy essay but commentary on the satisfaction of a non-snowy sunny 1st real warmish new york city day and a friend to share it with.  no popping hats on and off to avoid the cold air rush to my sensitive eardrums.  the very first sightings of restaurants with their doors open and outside cafe tables filling with grateful customers.  sitting on the bench outside newsbar near union square with a much-needed afternoon latte’ and having to put on sunglasses.  being happy to sit there  — indeed, to feel my body lean back against the bench happy to stay and soak in the air and the sun.  getting on the subway late in the day and still seeing the vestiges of sun as i crossed over the brooklyn bridge back to my wonderful borough.  you could just feel everyone’s hearts and souls peeking up and out into the sunshine – needy but happy.  rain coming later this week but we have certainly felt the real promise of spring. 


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