can you feel it?


i knew if i just put one wintery-booted-foot ahead of the other that february would pass and yes, it’s march 1!  i know.  lots of blustery wind and rain ahead and probably a few more snowstorms given the retro-snowy winter new york city has seen this year.  but i know what i know.  that spring is coming.  enough said.


4 Responses to can you feel it?

  1. Carol says:

    Your bulbs are up further than mine are. No fair!

  2. Janet says:

    When i went to get Nico from school at 5 o’clock I realized it was still light out!!

  3. Kathryn J says:

    Are they tulips? They don’t look like snowdrops, crocus, or daffodil shoots.

  4. rebeany says:

    yes, i think they are tulips.

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