sit tight

tomorrow we travel back to our lives post-holidays-with-the-family.  the holidays-with-the-family went fabulously.  lots of ease and only one misunderstanding sorted out ultimately and accomplishing a new level of communication with one of the teens.  nice gifts.  waaaaay too much food.  i fell down big time.  ok, not as hard and deep as i would have 2 years ago when i would have hoovered up everything that was really awful for me but enough that my colon will need another week to recover.  it seems to be virtually impossible for me to not ‘just take a few pieces’ of poppycock…it’s like heroin to me.  impossible to resist and i need more in little bits.  thankfully, there will be no more caramel-glazed poppycock in my immediate future.  today a last run to the pool for the kids and, after a long walk together downtown, a belated holiday movie for me and my wonderful sister-in-law . 

then comes the minor pain:  packing up holiday gifts – so many books; so weighty – and leaving behind thoughtful but impossible to bring back gifts – a glass jar of homemade tomato chutney – and being thoughtful about how to make my pocketbook and rolling carry-on become one item in the wake of air canada’s new strict guidelines.  no getting out of one’s seat for the last hour – geez, no liquids on the plane for me!  someone suggested we invest in ‘depends’!  will we have to sit in our seats with our hands neatly folded?  flying is becoming quite the chore.  so i’m saying a few mantras that tomorrow goes smoothly and we’ll be back home in brooklyn in short order, loving up our kitty and grabbing a quick pasta dinner at midnight.  meanwhile, for that last hour: sit tight. 


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