where is she?

it’s the year of independence.  for some it’s earlier and others later but for our teenage daughter, turning 15 tomorrow, it’s this 9th grade year.  tho her dad likes to walk her to the subway in the morning – claiming that he needs the exercise but really because he just loves being with her and she with him … they are the proverbial two peas in the pod – she’s taking the subway to school and often back home.  for the past few days letting herself in the house.  i work close to her school and as i am a freelancer, i am often available to give her a ride back.  but also often not.  we want her to be confident and independent in the world – especially navigating her native brooklyn and nyc.   it’s an interesting time for a girl with her head often lost in the clouds of thought.

so far this week, she’s forgotten her phone; then forgotten her key (she happily sat in the back yard waiting and doing homework but i also presume, just grooving on the cool fall garden); then forgotten to answer her phone; then her phone went dead today.  none of this phases her.  much of it phases me.  i figure i’ve really done my job right as a parent if i can get it into her head that she needs to go out into nyc prepared and that simply means: cell phone, wallet with a modest amount of bills and change, house key and a loaded metro card. 

i am baffled that i am about to celebrate my beautiful daughter’s 15th birthday tomorrow.  she came into the world 4 weeks early and weighed a whopping 3 lbs 14 ounces and was feisty as a little prizefighter.  her grandma marianne called her an ‘imperious imp.’  truer words have rarely been spoken.  she’s brave and quirky and uninterested in being like everyone else.  she fits in and doesn’t fit in.  i worry for her and i hope she finds a way to give all her gifts to the world.  but mostly, i often want to know:  where the heck is she?   happy birthday to my wonderful girl.


3 Responses to where is she?

  1. Laurie S. says:

    Happy Birthday to Hannah!!! I hope she has a wonderful 15th birthday. She is so cool, I have no worries about Hannah, she is just such and independent and interesting young woman. I love that she is not one of the “sheople” that I see in my little part of suburbia. You go, girl!!!

    Laurie S. (LIP)

  2. Gannet Girl says:

    Happy Birthday to Hannah! And to her parents!

  3. Lisa C. says:

    Having finally met Hannah, I can attest to what a cool young lady she is. So bright, so engaged. She’ll be just fine, mom!

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