you should be FURIOUS too

livid.  beside myself.  the new mammogram ‘guidelines’ recommendation is an abomination and must have been lobbied solely by the insurance companies…because that’s about who it benefits.  i’m posting a link but i could have written the same post – i would have been dead by now also without proper screening.  to add the most base insult to injury, the ‘guidelines’ tell women to stop doing self-exams.  who the fuck is on that committee?  wealthy men who own a lot of insurance company stock?  i rarely wish people ill but this mean-spirited change makes me wish that they ‘learn’ what it means to to be misdirected about monitoring their own health issues.  really, they should rot.  while i’m still fuming, this blog post below speaks eloquently to the subject.  you should be furious too.—-the_b_360538.html


4 Responses to you should be FURIOUS too

  1. Kathryn says:

    One of my favorite bumper stickers: “If you aren’t furious, you aren’t paying attention!”

    I agree. I need to find a way to take action on this and contact my people in DC.

  2. Oh yeah. How freakin’ transparent is it who benefits from THAT? We’re being saved from the ‘dangers’ of early screening; they’re doing us a favor?

  3. Eloise says:

    This is propaganda by some brooklyn yuppie. You have absolutely no proof that the insurance companies approved of these guidelines. It is not always necessary for women in the 30s and 40s to receive mammograms.

    Also, why is this blog part of that awful ditmas park blog listed as “local blogs?”

  4. rebeany says:

    well, an interesting way to end a weekend of thankfullness – to come back to a very uncompassionate comment (see Eloise above) – and i might suggest that she should hope to not find herself in a medical bind only to be told that her needed or hoped-for test is outside their guidelines. it’s happened to me a few times – one of the tests that was initially denied me – the oncotype .. a predictor test of the possiblity of cancer recurrence — is now a standard test for so many women but was denied for me. let’s not even go into the 2 year battle with the insurance companies when my daughter was born a bit premature and the insurance company attempted to deny her entire hospital stay because of one small administrative error which, 2 years later, they admitted was on their part.

    as for why my blog is part of the ditmas park blog, it would be because i am a LOCAL blogger. but you’re so busy throwing out insults and seeing the world as you against ‘them” that you’d rather be mean-spirited to someone you don’t know, haven’t met, and know almost nothing about.

    wishing you well. or, at the very least, a little happier in your life.


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