never say never

on the up side, this isn’t a cancer post!  but it’s a sheepish-take-back-my-previous-post-post.  no droid phone for me.  it was a weird journey in which i got caught up in the excitement and found out that i was older than i thought!  or, at the very least, when push came to shove, i was firm about what i wanted.  that new droid phone is pretty cool…and has some amazing features.  but within 18 hours (some of them sleepless as my head spun with new technology trying to work it’s way through my aging synapses) i knew that it was not the needed-technology for me.  i didn’t like the shape – hard and oversized in my hand, the cold glass screen (always riddled with fingerprints) against my face and the flat keyboard was fingernail-city for typing.   i LOVE computers and i love playing word games and bubblet on my (now-retired) treo.  but i love/must have completely seamless email and a complex calendar that includes the three of us in one integrated color-coded view.  i always said: never a blackberry.  yes.  never say never.  i am now the semi-proud owner and user of a new blackberry tour – and tho it took a little bit of work and 2 hours of steve-the-computer-guy fixing some old pent-up tech issues on my laptop, it’s now loaded and running beautifully.  perfect syncing with outlook.  the games suck..maybe i’ll start reading more books in the subway – that would be a good thing for me.   i actually slept last night knowing that my day would mean i’d have all my contacts and calendar appointments with me.  on the plus side, it will be a phone we can use overseas for our travels (italy here we come in march!).  never say never.  listen to your instincts.  don’t hesitate to change/fix something that you know in your gut is not working for you.  my mini-life lessons (mostly for myself) for the day.  and i’m a bean with a bb!  that seems fitting. 


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