there’s a lot to be learned

from listening. take from that what you will. in a situation born out of luck and determination, i am able to exorcize (pun intended) some of my demons in my basement. lest you picture me practicing some cultish behaviour, it’s much simpler than that. i’m able to exercise in my basement. it’s not a beautiful basement but it’s private. (a reminder, that i live in brooklyn, new york…so a basement or private space to spread out is not a given but a luxurious joy.)  for the past week or so, i’ve started my exercise as usual: earphones in; ipod on. but rather than belting out whatever harmonic line suits my fancy, i’ve been purposefully quiet. i’ve forgotten how hard it is to just listen. so i have been working at it – just as i work at being disciplined at actually getting down to my ‘routine’. i have to stop myself from singing along and let myself hear the lyric and the arc of the song and the pitch of the singer. on another pass, i listen to the structure of the notes and the intervals playing off each other. the lyric. no matter how good the singer, a bad lyric can’t be saved. even just melting into the beats … a form of listening.  sometimes i feel the rise of my breath wanting to move along with the line of music and work to settle back and just hear.  i’m working on listening. 


3 Responses to there’s a lot to be learned

  1. Kathryn J says:

    Me too only not while exercising. I’m a visual learner but that is no excuse for not paying attention to aural input.

  2. Bonjour, Great website! I really like the layout. The only problem I have is that the feed arn’t working correctly in my reader.

  3. Tophoman says:

    Listening is difficult, so many inputs in the body, and each is so strong, difficult to focus on one input at a time aka ADD. Right now my focus is channeled through an iPhone.

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