in for a penny

yes, in for a pound.  i’m jumping off the virtual cliff next week and heaven help me.  i am switching from being a die-hard palm user (palm pilot, tx, treo and a bunch in between from the very 1st to the very last) and next friday will become an early adapter on the new verizon droid.  i’ve been waiting a long time.  and i was waiting for verizon to get the new palm pre – even tho i recognized that this new palm software was completely different in every way than what i had used for years.  once i wrapped my head around that, i started thinking about really switching systems altogether.  but i would not go to at&t or sprint – both have horrible coverage and/or service and if you’re complaining about these things here in new york city, then you’re really in trouble once you leave the land of cell phone nirvana. 

i am very very very picky about my technology.  i spend a lot of time thinking about just what i need and how to find the programs to make that happen.  i have an extensive and well-organized selection of memos from my palm desktop that i will need to rethink – how to get them on my new phone and with what program?  i have to get used to outlook – always been on a palm desktop.  luckily the program pocketcopy did exactly what it was supposed to do (as i held my breath) and transferred years and years and years of contacts and calendar and notes to my new outlook.  (i refuse to use my company’s exchange/calendar.  there is simply no reason to have any corporation know that much about you.)  and this phone has a real keyboard.  try as i might, i cannot type on a virtual keyboard.

so i’m jumping into the android pool.  except i’m expecting it to be an ocean.  my head is swimming – ha ha …i guess pun intended! 


the new droid


4 Responses to in for a penny

  1. Kathryn J says:

    I consider myself fairly technologically sophisticated but you have near stumped me with this post. I’m not a busy RE agent so I have no idea of what I’m speaking when it comes to whatever makes your life easier.

    I used a Clie for a couple of years but never understood the enchantment with that level of computing. My phone does what I need it to do and I live in the cloud for the rest of it – really. I use GoogleDocs for many things and have a flash drive or two (backed up daily when I’m busy) that handle the rest.

    I did 18 months of grad school in the cloud. I went to college and did not own a laptop. I LIKE not dealing with as well as not paying for devices or services when I can get away with it.

  2. rebeany says:

    i need a balance…can handle some cloud technology but there is a large segment of people who are sceptical about relying solely on cloud technology. oh…and what about all those sidekick users? some of them lost every bit of information ‘out there’. i like many levels of back-up and the privacy of knowing it’s me and my computer. not me and my computer and whoever hacks my information out in the big cloud.

    also, i am nonstop emailing and texting on my phone…with customers, sellers and other brokers as well as having to look up lots of specifics while ‘out in the field’…deed information, property details, etc. well, that and the bubblet game i’m addicted to! 😉

  3. Geof Gratny says:

    I am in the same delima as you were/are. I have years and years of Palm OS desk top data in my calendar, contacts, task, and memos. I think it is a great system to stay organized, but realize that my methods needs to be updated. I am concerned abt switching away from the desktop program to either the Pre or Droid. Do you have any more updates or wisdom?

  4. rebeany says:

    geof: i don’t know if you read any posts past this but i didn’t keep my droid. i didn’t like the form factor in my hand. i ended up using ‘pocketcopy’ to do a one-way transfer of my data to outlook and now i’m hardsyncing to my blackberry. the blackberry is a whiz at handling my email and fb account but a schnooze. i’m waiting for verizon to get the ipod and then i’m changing over to that no matter the cost. i don’t like the keyboard on the pre. might try it again to see.
    …so i have outlook for my desktop program to handle my email, contacts, calendar and tasks (no great substitute for memos but passable). and bb has a desktop manager for syncing.
    i hope that helps a bit.

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