calling all commentarians!



it’s evolving.  and shaping.  more than a few people know it’s me!  me!  and a whole lotta you just know me from these mini-essays.  which i happen to like.  i like to let something ruminate for a while and then i sit down and it just comes easily out.  sometimes the topic…not so easy.  but usually the writing is.  who knew i’d be the queen of the 4-paragraph-essay-format?!  (in this particular entry, just 2 short paragraphs).  a little new suede boots; a little cancer; a little obsession with all things braised. 
since i started this blog, someone – many or a few with a nervous compulsion to repeatedly view singular pages – well, there have been 1,341 hits to this site to date.  certainly more than i anticipated.  and a few dear friends cheerily throw a few commentary-bones my way when it looks particularly quiet.  but i’d love to hear from those i don’t know…and may never know.  here’s your invite.  come on out.  talk. kibbutz.  vent.  i’m interested in what you have to say…unless you’re one of the 94 spam hits that were hoping to let everyone know about levitra and pepcid ac.  ironically, i do use the pepcid.  C’MON IN…




One Response to calling all commentarians!

  1. michelle says:

    beany ……alright..taking you up on your invitation to hear all thoughts… nice to hear a reflection of what i’ve been mulling over these last few years..creating ties that bind..memories that last, so wonderful that it was you who sold us our home , i love that i gave Hannah piano lessons and that it was you who introduced me to RE not sure if i should really thank you for that ( only kidding) i can say that I appreciate another woman my age wanting to get the most out of life, love friendship and knowing how precious every moment is… thanks for opening your heart and letting us in….michelle

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