dog days


i’m sure it will all pick up after these last days of summer.  the dog days of summer.  sadly, i have no dog.  i want a dog but am truely unwilling to do all the walking involved!  or have a dog dig up my beautiful garden.  turns out, i’m a natural fit for a cat.  good thing there’s a beautiful tiger-striped one sitting next to my computer keeping me company – and that’s a big improvement for our slightly unsocial kitty…she’s nice but standoffish at times.  but now she comes and sits right next to my computer.  progress at 7 years old.  with teenage daughter slated to start volunteering at a cat shelter this fall, i suspect we might find ourselves with another kitty onboard.  i’ve been aching for a tuxedo cat – two cats ago we lost our spectacular ‘glickman’ – she was the smartest cat i’d ever known and lived until 20 and passed away in our house and is in my flower garden.  we’ll get a little boy kitty (if we get one) because i hear that will sit better with my adult female (betty – named after the betty of betty and veronica fame because “veronica was a snob” – so said my then 7 year old).   woof.



2 Responses to dog days

  1. My cat turned 20 early this summer. He has spent the past 20 years yelling at me and giving me the eye of death. I’m convinced he’s going to live ’til he’s 30 just to piss me off. 🙂

  2. Kathryn J says:

    I could send you my tuxedo cat but I’d have to warn you that he has been known to pee on the carpet when his people go on vacation. I love the furball but he is trying my patience with this.

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