to see and be seen


i took a very long walk with my lovely husband this evening.  you’d think that wouldn’t be such a big deal but during the summer, with teenage daughter away at camp, we have some time to choose some things for ourselves – to get into new patterns that we haven’t had a chance to generate during the rush of the school year with all it’s multiple obligations.  last summer, i remember lots of movies in manhattan.  we’d hit the sunshine cinema to see something slightly eclectic and then up 2nd avenue to a sweet little sicilian restaurant that we seem to fall into time and again whenever we’re in that neck of the woods.

this year, without ever discussing it, it just seemed silly to go galavanting all over handing out $20’s for this and that.  and both of us, in our own ways, are trying to make our bodies move forward with more health. he’s found that long walks are actually helping his back.  i still like to go shut the door to our basement and commune with big bertha while i belt out parts of the hits!   but i have started to take to agreeing to these long walks.  tonite, i even proposed it.  of course, i have to have a goal and tonite’s goal was the longest walk we’ve taken yet but it’s mid-point was a delightful icey joint that would be dessert before dinner – a true summer prize.  and it was.  after walking through beautiful victorian brooklyn neighborhoods, we ended up with the most glorious small cup of peach-lemonade and black rasberry ice.  inhaled, we walked back.  and 4 miles was had by all.


One Response to to see and be seen

  1. Kathryn J says:

    The walk and the treat sound great!

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