by any other name

i joined facebook with caution.  over the years, my friends and colleagues have always complimented me on being up-to-date with technology.  it’s true, i’m a hardcore palm user: i’ve had every palm product that ever existed (except the centro) and use them all for everything they’ve got.  i like to find shortcuts with computer programs that will allow less duplicated work and will keep me organized.  colleagues always think i’m organized but it’s all about dropping the file in the right place.  otherwise, at home, it’s all about dropping my clothes in an every-growing pile and my husband would not categorize me as organized in the smallest amount! 
but i was feeling technology-fatigue in the last year or so and the pressure to join facebook was mounting.  well, a few months i did join and, as i suspected, i’m a willing and too-often-contributor to my status remarks and looking at everyone else’s photos.  however, i’ve decided it was all worth it.  i found computer ‘lexulous’.  let’s be real. SCRABBLE!!!!!!!!! 
i LOVE scrabble.  i have always loved scrabble.  some of my nicest memories of scrabble were playing with my gran when i was, i guess, a young teen.  she was kind and helped me to build words.  i felt safe learning the rules of the board with her.  i recently found the saved bag of fading scrabble tiles that i kept from her set and it made me so happy to remember those games and that time together.  sadly, neither my husband nor my teenage daughter are interested in my scrabble dreams.  so i have had to wait for the every-other-month visits from my sister-in-law to have a few scrabble marathons over the past year.  it’s so incredibly satisfying. 

when i was coming out of the chemo and radiation fog 3 years ago, i used to play little ‘matching’ games (tetris-like and bejeweled) on my treo or my computer and how well i did was a barometer for how much fog was sitting low over my functioning brain.  trust me, there were days when i didn’t function well.  then i remembered scrabble.  between middle-age, forced menopause and a sometimes-still-hovering fog, scrabble has become the bellwether for how well my brain is functioning.  a few weeks ago, my sister-in-law was in for a visit and we sat down to a first game of the weekend and i remember staring at the board and thinking:  i just don’t know how to make a real word here.  i had to coax my brain cells to organize into coherency.  but they did.

now: scrabble online.  oh.  my.   god.   as many games as you like going at any one time.  i feel like i was given a big holiday gift!!!!  come play with me!!   i hope you don’t mind if you’re game 9!!!



3 Responses to by any other name

  1. Kathryn J says:

    Woohoo – it’s great isn’t it. I also love Scrabble and you are a worthy opponent.

  2. Janet says:

    I’ll play, I love scrabble tho I rarely win

  3. Carol says:

    Now I know why you’re so good at it! I’m just target practice for you!

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