catching my breath


not a moment has there been to write.  we’ve been, like so many end-of-the-school-year parents in a whirlwind of activities.  and when teenage daughter caught the nasty bug that was going around every single jam-packed pre-camp activity fell away.  we squished in a dinner for some family friends celebrating their birthdays (but never actually got around to celebrating husband’s birthday or our 18th wedding anniversary) on the night before she left (a day delayed and a whole new airline ticket bought – it was cheaper than changing the original one) and went for an hour to the strand bookstore in manhattan – one of her all-time favorite haunts.  she walked in there years ago and yelled: ‘i’m going to work here one day’!  wait until she finds out that working there doesn’t entail curling up in a corner and sucking down obscure manga and sci-fi.  (yes, i have that kid!)

we packed her off early friday morning but the whirlwind did not stop for us and, frankly, won’t for another day.  musician husband has nonstop gigs through tonite (yes, i’m always grateful) and i worked the whole weeked – well, when i wasn’t dodging buckets of rain.  i did grab dinner and a long gabfest with a long-lost friend in manhattan – sushi is the best indulgent meal because it has so much silky taste but isn’t so bad for you!   for father’s day, my husband – sadly sans his own dad who passed away last year and sans teenage daughter who is at camp – and i both stumbled out of the house for a late local dinner because he just didn’t want those yummy chicken burgers i was planning!   reminding me never to dine out on a hallmark holiday.  i kid you not that we waited an hour for our appetizers only to be told that the one he ordered was never in stock in the first place.  and then we wolfed down what was essentially a greasy mess of pasta but we were starving by then. 

this morning i looked down at ye old scale and realized it’s time to stop being as indulgent as i’ve been for a week or so and today it was back to basics – what i hope to do every day – 30-40 min. on my elliptical; off to work for the afternoon into early evening and then dinner with whomever wants to do dinner.  and clean our house.  talk about whirlwinds.


One Response to catching my breath

  1. RomeLover says:

    one last comment….hope you had a great vacation!

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