best laid plans of …


me and me…oh well.  whatever the creeping crud was that hit teenage daughter and husband caught up with me.  husband got the brunt of it…suffered with fever for 3 days then gallantly played his gig last night.  i have simply been an onslaught of dripping down the back of my throat and itchy ears.  i shouldn’t be surpised…hearing about so many people with variations on a theme. 

on the good side:  spent much of the past 2 days in my garden.  i’d put in a few cukes then feel dizzy and sit in the shade.  repeat repeat repeat.  basil, tomatoes; cukes; hot peppers.  most everything is planted and i acknowledge that i have too many vining plants.  i love the look of things spilling over the sides of containers.  sweet peas; ivy geranium; baby petunias, becopa, thyme and oregano.  that’s not to mention the many clematis vines all growing on trellises.  the climbing yellow roses are bursting with an almost obscene push.  the irises just pour scent through the back corner of my little brooklyn garden.  i added new coreopsis – last year’s didn’t survive and i adore coreopsis..those yellow flowers seem so cheery and add a good dose of yellow to my very blue and purple-laden garden. 

so no bbq.  no guests.  but some nice quiet time in my house and garden that i haven’t had in a while.  not such a bad thing.  now if the ringing in my ears would just stop….



3 Responses to best laid plans of …

  1. Gannet Girl says:

    Oh NO! Did I fling the crud from Oregon to New York?

    Day 8 and I am exhausted.

  2. Kathryn says:

    The garden is beautiful. I’ve never had much success with coreopsis – I hope your does well. Can you really have too much purple and blue?

    I hope you feel better soon!

  3. ebrichter says:

    it got worse…100.2 … i am not a fan of fevers.

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