warning; warning; warning; warning


ah, to wake up in the morning happy in the ritual of an extremely hot cup of deeply strong coffee in hand with those 10 minutes before waking child for school and finding my computer screen riddled with pop-up after pop-up telling me that annihilation is near for my computer.  pernicious malware! trojan viruses!!! stolen passwords!!!!  — all of these i can look forward to in my immediate future.  how could this be??  i have a relatively new laptop loaded to the max with virus software all recently updated.  turns out:  norton 360 is pretty much norton 350.  there’s a crack in the door.  and it just takes a tiny crack to let misery in. 

ironically, you need to talk to the service people online.  somewhat hard to do if you only have 1 computer.  thankfully, i could gallop between 2 rooms using mine – pernicious malware! trojan viruses!!! stolen passwords!!!! – and daughter’s.  vishney communicated with me via active control (gotta love seeing your mouse scrawl all over your screen without your actual control) and informed me that this invasive virus was at a ‘different level’ than the normal parameters of the aforementioned norton 360 and that he could certainly help me as long as i agreed to ‘value added services’.  yes, i paid more money to have the company that was supposed to protect my computer from viruses fix the computer from the virus it didn’t protect my computer from.  

$179 later no more popups.  no more pernicious malware! trojan viruses!!! stolen passwords!!!!   well, at least for now.  be sure your door isn’t cracked open also.  or at least save up for those ‘value added services’.  harumph.


3 Responses to warning; warning; warning; warning

  1. Kathryn says:

    I could tell you a similar story about a RotoRooter guy. Of course, he wanted to charge me 4x the rate and so I politely asked him to leave. My plumber fixed the problem the next morning for exactly 1/4 of the RotoRooter rate.

    I’m glad your computer is back!

  2. ebrichter says:

    could i get your plumber to fix my computer please?

  3. joan says:

    Really interesting blog thanks!

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