worlds collide



it’s been about 9 posts now and i’m taking a moment to think about what it means to blog.  i was an early adapter on aol and made a few of my now-best friends from the moms boards that started there.  (trust me, i also learned a large lesson about not trying to fit in everywhere and that you couldn’t make my trapazoid peg fit into more than a few round personality holes.)  aol morphed into a few email loops and that settled itself into one very reliable and very wonderful email loop with about 10 very different very smart women who don’t shy away from opinions or discussions that shine a light on how different we all are.  friends cajoled me to join facebook and i resisted.  i’ve done that now…as a precursor to this blog. 

the first week on facebook i felt utterly dizzy – must post now! – and overwhelmed with the sometimes-cute, oft-times-silly quips and posts.  but mostly i felt WORLDS COLLIDING!  the dizziness has subsided but i still cast a very leery eye on the colliding worlds.  i guess it’s the actress in me.  i’ve always loved being a few different people!  world-traveling cabaret singer (oh the good looking guys!  oh the late nights!  oh the …wait…i can’t comment on that because……..suddenly my now-retired but still alive-in-memories of myself and others cabaret world is rear-ending responsible real estate broker world which has sideswiped mommy-land.  i want 5 facebooks! 

and now a blog that is read by many people who know me (i should know that since i gave out the blog address on my facebook page in a desparate attempt to have readers!) and by many people who don’t (hey, i always did my best work in front of an anonymous crowd) and by 99% of people who don’t post any comments!   who am i today, eh?


4 Responses to worlds collide

  1. Gannet Girl says:

    Ha – now you know why I am so often trolling for comments

    And yes, FB is a little wierd!

  2. Kathryn says:

    Echoing Robin – FB is more than a little weird. I like blogging more but it is still a public space as opposed to a private journal so I take care with what I write.

  3. RomeLover says:

    Greetings from a long-ish time blogger who trolls the blogosphere and sometimes lands on places I like.

    I’m reading your entire archive. Please note, I’m not stalking-you have a very short history and I like your style.

    I linked off of a link to your post about how to help people with cancer. That was where I thought I would first comment (it is a great post!), but, hey, you asked here, so…

    I may post again somewhere else. I don’t get many comments either. Oh, except for my family, who usually post as anonymous…slackers.

    keep writing, you have a great style!

  4. RomeLover says:

    oh, and part of the reason I’m hooked…okay, three reasons: I love New York. I would love to sing professionally, but I’m not good enough. And you have a husband you love. (Trust me, way too many women blog who don’t like their husbands. I don’t read them but once.)


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