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sample sales are just one of the reasons to love living in nyc.  i have had numerous careers entailing numerous looks and all at numerous sizes.  ironically, i’m still 5’3″.  oh yes, and getting older by the day (which, for the record, i’m generally happy about).  for the past few years, i’ve really been stuck with the have-to purchases – i had to buy acceptable work pants in a 1x and had less choice in finding those choices discount.  if you really know where to look, there are a few plus-sized women’s lines that don’t look like they are draping the furniture.  or made of some stretchy plastic-y material.  the good stuff tends to be expensive and hard to find. 

but then i lost about …half?  yes…half of my previously-ample frontage (very big lumpectomy and double reduction to keep it all even).  i was seriously less boobalicious than i had ever been.  about 1/2 the size.  so now all the plus tops were swimming with fabric on my chest and just fit the hips.  oh my…i’m bored just hearing myself read this out loud.  onward ho. anyway, i finally dropped 22 pounds this year and let my body settle into that a little – and i found myself in the position to give away my big clothes (to a wonderful plus-sized woman who has a whole network of people happy to receive) and, with fiscal-caution, buy some new clothes that don’t need to be held up with safety pins and the rolling over of the waistband. 

lafayette 148 has always had the best sample sales…twice a year and a wide array of sizes and really beautiful aesthetically-interesting clothes for women who are not 20 years old.  so imagine my disappointment this year to find that the whole sale is almost entirely for size 8.  i had lost all this weight and still couldn’t fit into the darned clothes!!!  oh well.  it was an adventure as always.  i loved standing in line at 8:30am with all these women from diverse backgrounds listening to the thrum of anticipation.  i loved the wacky modesty-be-dammed (and i have very little modesty – a prior career in the theater and .. hell, half of new york city has seen me topless after all the mri’s, pet scans, checkups, surgery, radiation, etc. ) insane sisterly comradery that happens in the communal dressing room.  how often do i get to debate how a jacket looks on one very orthodox bewigged woman (she just beamed when 3 people – all very not orthodox – turned to tell her how good she looked in one smart navy-blue jacket) and have another woman turn around to announce that she has a size 16 in her hands (a precious commodity this time) and would anyone else like to try it on?!  yes, i know all the stories of the cut-throat sample sales but i just surfed the wave this time and it was a lot of fun.  and, yes, i have a pretty new silver skirt (originally $258 – bought for $35) which i intend to wear for the entire summer.  i’m exhausted! 


One Response to sample this

  1. Kathryn says:

    You know I loathe shopping but this almost sounded fun. I wish I could’ve been standing in line with you. Congrats on the weight lost and the new size!

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