what i don’t miss


sore throats
sore throats and an impending sense of responsibility
the inability to wear contacts
all the people that say no
the nightmare that the light will hit my already thinning hair and make me look transparent and bald
the certainty that i’ll forget the words
the politics
not really having time to concentrate
everyone who works with you has their hand out to be paid


3 Responses to what i don’t miss

  1. Joan Calvin says:

    Hi! Am reading your blog. I think I may have had a relatively easier time than you. But, the article from the NYTimes is scary. A parishioner who had two different cancers (a gynecological, but I don’t remember which and eye, lost her eye), lost her daughter at 41 and now her granddaughter may have cervical cancer. It is awful.

  2. Trish Martin says:

    Okay…what does the above comment have to do with singing???????

  3. Trish Martin says:

    Okay…my bad…I just now read to the bottom…sorry! Now I get it!

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