it’s been a long road. finding yourself at 51 having had at least 5 careers and a long and tortured relationship with food, body, appetite, control and forgiveness. breast cancer out of nowhere. the road that balances living with agreeing to be a happy eunich. no major complaints really. happy to be here.

i was told by the two nicest women at the health food store that i should start this blog and see where it goes. it all started because i was doing a little late-in-the-day shopping and started espousing over the frozen berry section. trust me…even i was shocked to hear me go on and on and on to total strangers about the cost of frozen fruit, the brands, the repackaging to catch the consumer off-guard that the company is putting less in their already dearly-priced bag, and, lastly, my obsessive start to most days. the super smoothie. other posts for why. but why not start with the goods. the basic recipe:

[i use the scoop from the whey for all these items except the flax oil.
for one full blender of smoothie]:

1/2 large container of organic nonfat plain yogurt.
2 tablespoons barleans highest lignan flax oil
organic frozen fruit: i mix but always one dark fruit (blackberries, blueberries, etc.) and maybe a banana or 4-6 slices of frozen peaches (which make it very icey and light)
solgar whey: 2 scoops. (comes in vanilla, chocolate, berry)
1 splenda (some wheys have stevia or such in them in which case you don’t need the spenda). Solgar Whey is very pure and has only 1gram of sugar.
2 scoops organic ground flax meal. i use bob’s – i like the reg. organic ground flax meal but they also make a golden one.
1/3 scoop of brewer’s yeast FLAKES – not powder. buy the ‘non-gmo’ kind (which is sort of like organic)
liquid: i use ‘kagome’ juice i buy the dark berry blends. this is part organic fruit and part organic greens. i think kagome juice is now discontinued (don’t ask how i’m hoarding 4 cases in my kitchen) but lakewood organic makes a good fruit garden mix that has tons of high-end green stuff in there.
an 1/8 scoop of Barleans powdered greens…very green!!!

i promise it won’t taste icky-green. i hate icky-green. in fact, i’m picky about such things. if you’re worried, work up to the tiny bit of barleans greens – it took me 10 months to start putting that in.

blend well! i always scrape the top and then reblend to be sure that all the powders mix up very well.

there you go: power smoothie!

first blog done. i am often known as bean.

so i’ll sign off that way too.




5 Responses to Smooooooooothies

  1. Gannet Girl says:

    Hey Bean! Welcome to the brave new world of blogging!


  2. Laurie S. says:

    Is this ONE serving??? It is full of stuff I do not recognize, but I am going to check some of these things out. I’m a mess and need to find a good morning starter.


  3. Lisa C. says:

    Bean! I love your writing. I think you’ll do just fine at this blog stuff.

  4. Matt R-S says:

    I would love to try it, but it would take me 3 hours and $100 to go to the store, buy the blender, buy the ingredients, and finally make it. Looks like I’ll have to try it next time I visit 😉

  5. Carol says:

    It sounds delicious, Bean. Maybe I’ll pick up some of the “extra” stuff on my next trip to Trader Joe’s or the health food store if TJ’s doesn’t have it.

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